If you want information / help! #scandinavia

Elsebeth Paikin

Dear Scand-genners!

I have noticed that many have subscribed to this list recently
and I want to welcome all!

However, very few *USE* this list:
1. Very few write about their research or ask for information
2. Almost none of the new subscribers write and introductory
message about the names and places they are researching.

In that way we are all sitting in a little hole without a
view to the greater world or research. If we want to help
each other and/or get in contact with others who are researching
the same areas or names we *must* communicate.

I have seen subscribers come and go without ever writing one
single message. And when I have contacted them some say that
there is no point in being subscribed to list where there is
nothing going on - that can't help them!

I know very well that the situation is different in some other
(large) mailing lists where there are several messages each day,
so you can just lean back and learn a lot >from just reading what
others write. But that is not the case when subscribed to small
mailing lists (or rather mailing lists for small areas).

Another thing: Even though you might have sent your "Intro" when
you subscribed, you should re-send it at intervals, because some
unsubscribe and new subscribers join the list. And very few use
the archive to see if anything has been written there of interest.

So send an introductory message about your research and let's get
this mailing list go live!

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, President
Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark:
SIG Coordinator and webmaster:
JewishGen's Scandinavia SIG

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