Response to Elisabeth Paikin's plea #scandinavia

ellieweld <ellieweld@...>

Regarding Elisabeth's plea that subscribers to the Scandinavia SIG
list submit descriptions of the research they are engaged on: I would
like to say that I did this a few months ago and was rewarded by a
response >from Adam Katzeff which provided interesting information
about my family.

And in reply to Lloyd Appel's query about Jews >from the Russian
empire going to Sweden on their way to the USA, one of my maternal
great-grandfathers (Leopold ROSENZWEIG aka Levin YURI or Yuri LEVIN)
ran away >from Poland to Sweden to avoid military service. There he
met his future wife (Bertha ABELITZKI) who was already living in
Sweden with her Polish parents. They lived in Sweden long enough to
have at least three children before emigrating to the USA in the late

Ellie Weld
Twickenham, Mddx, England

Searching: ABELITZKI - Poland to Sweden to USA
LANDESMAN - Hungary to USA
ABRAHAMS - England to Australia to South Africa to England
RUBINSTEIN - Lithuania to South Africa to England to USA

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