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Shelly Weiner <shellyjag619@...>

Hello all,

I am on this list simply because family lore has it that my great-uncle
Abraham SMOLAR (or SMOLIAR) either 1) escaped >from the "Soviet Army" or
2) escaped >from a Siberian labor camp to "somewhere in Scandanavia before
coming over to the US [after 1945]". Where he was before he started
living in California, I have no idea.

Uncle Al and his wife have been dead for about 10 years. He never talked
about this period in his life to any of his children. He would mention
brief bits of information to my grandfather who then told my father. But
that was over 40 years ago and my father has forgotten most of the pertinent
information. Uncle Al's name has not turned up (yet) in any of the usual
online databases. So I wait ... while I enjoy reading this list.

Shelly Weiner
Henderson, Nevada USA
BYCZOK/BYCHKOFF/BICHKOFF--Walkowisko, Poland to Detroit MI
FELDMAN (Hungary) to New Brunswick NJ
NOCHINOWSKI/NASH--Ostov, Russia to Detroit MI
RHYZI/ROSSEN--Vladimerets OR Stahovka,Ukraine to Detroit,MI
SMOLER/SMOLYAR/SMOLAR--Vladimerets, Ukraine to Detroit MI

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