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Hannah Engelstad

Dear Geraldine,

My first thought would be that JACOBSEN has it's roots in Scandinavia, the
name meaning son of Jacob (or Yacov). The name in Eastern Europe would have
had another ending - ovitch, vitch - becoming Yacovitch, Yacovicz,
Jacobovitch or something along those lines, also meaning son of Jacob
(Yacov) in Russian or Latvian.

Hopes this help.

Hannah Engelstad

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From: "Malcolm Courtney" <>
My great-grandmother was named Dine (Dinah) YACOBSON
(born 1850). This paternal surname has variously been
spelt as YACOBSEN and JACOBSEN. Her parents were
Abraham Isaac YACOBSON and Annie KLINK, and she had a
sister Sarah (date of birth unknown) and a brother
Simon (born 1863). Dine's first child was born in
1878, and her second in 1880 in Tilsit, ...

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