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Elsebeth Paikin

Dear Geraldine,

At 19:30 17-06-2007, you wrote:
... My great-grandmother was named Dine (Dinah) YACOBSON
(born 1850). This paternal surname has variously been
spelt as YACOBSEN and JACOBSEN. Her parents were
Abraham Isaac YACOBSON and Annie KLINK, and she had a
sister Sarah (date of birth unknown) and a brother
Simon (born 1863). ... snip...
I'll see if I can find anything. However, it appears >from your
information that none of the persons mentioned were born in
Denmark, so looking for them if they only stayed here for a
shorter or longer period will not be easy, particularly as the
name JACOBSEN/JACOBSON is a fairly common name in Denmark -
it is both a Jewish and a non-Jewish name.

And as I read your message Dine was married and thus might be
listed under her married name if she was here in Denmark or in
another Scandinavian country.

What was her married name and what was the name of her children?

Maybe it would be easier to find Dine in the passenger lists when
sailing to Scotland (if she came through one of the Scandinavian
countries) in the Danish Emigration Archives online database:

You can also search the censuses at the
but as Jacobsen is a common name, you'll have to make many searches.

Send some more information so it'll be easier to try to help you.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, President
Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark:
SIG Coordinator and webmaster:
JewishGen's Scandinavia SIG

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