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Dr Kaplun KOGAN was my wife's Great Grandfather. He was born in Russia in
1888. He moved to Germany for academic reasons. There he published many
pamphlets and articles on Jewish affairs, and was active in German Zionist
Circles. At some time after the rise of the Nazis he fled to Sweden. He
worked at the University of Stockholm. He is described as a trustee of the
Hebrew University. I believe that he had perhaps a second wife (having
divorced >from his first wife who fled Germany for U.S.A). He died in
Stockholm in 1948. In that same year one of his sons (twins) Gideon died
during Israel's War of Independence. His twin brother, Yosef died earlier
that year. My wife's Grandmother, Mira died in 1987. My wife's Uncle visited
Stockholm in 1970 and remembers the grave to have been in the Jewish
cemetery. He also met Wolf's wife/partner.

In the Royal Swedish Library databases i found 8 entries for him. 5 books, 2
articles which appeared in something called Judisk tidskrift which i believe
must be some kind of community newspaper/magazine. Most interesting of all
is the following

Ehrenpreis, Marcus, 1869-1951 (author)

Wladimir W Kaplun-Kogan in memoriam/ M.E.


IN : Judisk Tidskrift, Stockholm 1928-1967

1948 (21) , s. 92


I understand this to have been some kind of an obituary. If anyone could
help me get a copy of this i would be most grateful (or indeed suggest a way
of doing so). Of course anything else vis-a-vis his time in Sweden, his time
at the University, his burial place or whatever would provide invaluable

Until I began my research my wife's family knew little or nothing about his
achievements. This year, 60 years since his death, and that of his son, and
the 60th anniversary of Israel's independence I would like to provide them
with as full a picture as possible.

With Many Thanks And Best Wishes

Peter McNally mcnally@ayelet.org.il
Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar
Upper Galilee

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