SIEW family in Denmark #scandinavia

Adam Katzeff <adam.katzeff@...>

Dear all,

I have just come across a previously unknown woman, Rissa Maryasha Ioselovna
KATSEV who most likely was a sister of my great grandfather, Samuel KATZEFF.
Rissa Maryasha was born about 1866 and grew up in todays Estonia (in Tallinn
and Pärnu). In 1884 she married in Pärnu to Izrayel Osher Itsikovich ZIV,
born abt 1852, probably in Popelyany, Kovno guberniya (today Papile,
Lithuania), where also the Katsev family originates. Rissa and Izrayel lived
in Tallinn and Tartu in the 1880's, but after that there is no track of the
couple. Therefore I think it's possible they emigrated. After searching in
Sweden and US databases I haven't been able to find them, but in a list of
surnames in the Jewish cemeteries in Copenhagen I have found the surname
SIEW. Therefore I'm now thinking that perhaps they moved to Denmark!?!?
After all my great grandfather ended up in Denmark in 1913 with his family
and I have always had the feeling that he might have had other family
members already living there.

Therefore I wonder if someone knows anything about the SIEW family. All kind
of information is worthful!

Best regards,

Adam Katzeff
Malmö, Sweden


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