Re: SIEW family in Denmark #scandinavia

Elsebeth Paikin

Hi Adam,

I looked up the one SIEW buried in Copenhagen, and
that is Soya SIEW, language teacher, died 28. June

But there is also

Eli ZIWES, tailor, buried 18. July 1974
and his wife
Rachel née LEISEROWITZ buried 15. Jan. 1974

If you search
for Siew or Ziv or the like there are a few
matches, but - of course - I cannot say if they
have any relationship with the ones you are

In my database of emigrants >from Eastern Europe
who received poor relief here in Copenhagen >from
the Jewish Community there is under the date of

30. May 1905
Zemach SIF, home Kovno, leaving for London, coming
to Copenhagen >from Libau - he received 5 DDK.

In the Danish Demographic Database there is a
merchant Mendel SIFF 28 years old leaving
Copenhagen for New York in 1904, he was born in
There is also a Schiv SIFF, 20 years old leaving
for Baltimore in Oct. 1904 also born in Russia.

That is what I could find right away - I'll see if
I can find more.

Best wishes
Elsebeth Paikin

Den 24-10-2010 18:34, Adam Katzeff skrev: a list of surnames in the
Jewish cemeteries in Copenhagen I have found the
surname SIEW. Therefore I'm now thinking that
perhaps they moved to Denmark!?!? After all my
great grandfather ended up in Denmark in 1913
with his family and I have always had the
feeling that he might have had other family
members already living there.

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