Contact Information For Werner ZOLKI in Sweden #scandinavia

Marcy Greene

Just wondering if anybody knows or remembers a Werner ZOLKI who
wrote A Page Of Testimony at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum for his
mother, Margarethe Zolki nee THORN who perished in Breslau,Germany
during the Holocaust. Werner submitted the Page Of Testimony in
1987, and he was living on Lostigen street or avenue in Solna,
Sweden.I am hoping to speak with Werner Zolki and or any other
members of his Zolki family who may have some information about
his mother's Thorn family who I am related to.Also,if it is not
too much trouble,I would appreciate very much if some kind soul
could look up the Swedish telephone directory to see if Werner
Zolki is listed, as well as, any other Zolki's and send me the
phone numbers.I have tried repeatedly to get the Swedish telephone
directory online with no sucess.Thank you everybody for taking the
time to read my e-mail and looking forward to hearing >from you.
All the best,
David Feder

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