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The "Family Finder" is one of the treasures that attendees at the 31st IAJGS
International Conference on Jewish Genealogy will receive. It is an 8 1/2" x
11" book that contains the compiled listing of attendees at the conference
and the surnames and places that the attendees are researching. The last day
for submitting Family Finder data is this Thursday, June 30. Only a few days

You must register for the conference to submit data for the "Family Finder."
If you have already registered, you can go back into your registration to
add or correct the information that is there.

Is your Family Finder data complete in our records? When you registered, did
you plan to return later and enter your family research information? Have
you done so? Each attendee may enter up to 10 names and places in the
"Family Finder." The first 5 entries will be printed on the conference badge
in large letters for conference attendees to see and read. All 10 entries
will appear in the book. A new feature of the "Family Finder" is a listing
of conference attendees by DNA information/group.

Important! Please observe a few easy rules for entering data. Following
these rules will help make everyone's data uniform for ease of comparison.
For details, please review guidelines in the Family Finder article
<http://dc2011.org/index.php/register/family-finder> on the DC2011 Internet

Although online registration for the conference will continue until July 31
and you can even show up and register at the conference, if you do not
complete your "Family Finder" entries by the Thursday deadline, the
information will not be in the printed book and you will miss the great
opportunity to share your information with everyone attending the

If you haven't registered yet, be sure to do so before Friday, July 1, to
enter your Family research surnames. Start on the DC2011 Registration info
page <http://dc2011.org/index.php/register>.

See you in August!
Rochelle Gershenow
"Family Finder" coordinator
31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
Website: www.dc2011.org
Email: info@dc2011.org

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