Breakfast With the Experts in Washington, DC #scandinavia

31st IAJGS Conference <dc2011_conference@...>

Need to break through brick walls? Be sure to attend a "Breakfast with the
Experts” event at the conference!

The Conference has arranged to hold seven “Breakfast with the Experts”
events. Each one will include a kosher buffet breakfast in the luxurious
Constitution Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Washington, the Conference hotel.

For those that haven’t attended them before, sharing a “Breakfast with the
Experts” is another way for researchers of all levels to benefit. After an
enjoyable, informal breakfast with an expert in a particular field, or
enjoying such a breakfast with other attendees interested in the same topic,
that expert will provide an “in-depth overview” of the issues involved in
researching that topic. Then the floor will be thrown open to questions from
attendees; those questions can be quite specific. The time available is
deliberately set up to allow for addressing as many questions as possible,
so that attendees benefit to the maximum by being there.

This year’s Conference has organized seven such “Breakfast with the Expert”
events, spread out over four days, to not crowd attendees’ schedules. They
consist of the following topics, spanning five tracks of subject matter,
with these Experts. (Please see the Conference website and schedule for more
detail, including a description of each topic.)

Monday “Researching Rascals and Hard to Find Folks” Ron Arons & Mike
Tuesday “>from Bratislava to Budapest to Baia Mare: Tips on Travel and
Research in Greater Hungary” Robert Friedman & Vivian Kahn
Tuesday “The Role of Genetics in Genealogy Stephen Morse & Bennett
Wednesday "Yad Vashem: Portal to Connections and Discoveries” Cynthia
Wednesday “Breakfast with the German Research Experts” Roger Lustig &
Jeanette Rosenberg
Thursday “Practicing Safe Computing” Hal Bookbinder
Thursday “Overcoming Hurdles in Polish Research” Stanley Diamond &
Judith Frazin

As you see >from the caliber of these experts, attending these breakfasts
(and certainly, you can sign up for more than one) are tailor-made
opportunities to fill In gaps in your research, bypass some brick walls you
already may have encountered, OR--- get a “ground level” idea of how best to
plunge into researching a particular ancestral area, type of record, or
issue. Please come armed to each Breakfast with questions for the Expert,
you’ll benefit more that way!

Sessions are limited to 35 attendees. You can easily sign up for them
online. However, please do so BEFORE JULY 31, after which registration is
closed for them. Go over to, and register for them, or other
parts of this feature-filled Conference! See you there!

Conference Co-Chairs
Marlene Katz Bishow
Vic Cohen
Sue Isman

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