JewishGen Course: Breaking Brick Walls in the United States. #scandinavia

Phyllis Kramer

If, despite basic online research, you have not yet found the Hebrew
names, birth year or former European residence for some of your U.S.
immigrant ancestors consider this course... as it covers more complex
U.S. topics such as Naturalization, Military and Governmental records
(Passports, Visas), Death Records (obituaries, probate), Mormon
microfilms and local archival research.

The lessons can be read online and/or downloaded; read at your own
pace (we do not meet at a specific time because our students are
international). The class assumes you're comfortable with topics
covered in the Basic U.S. Course (genealogy formats, organizing and
tracking information, U.S. vital records, U.S. census, Ellis Island
manifests),browsing the internet and have 8-10 hours available each

All of JewishGen's courses feature our personal mentoring program;
students use our online FORUM to post an ancestral branch, set goals
for research, and work one on one with the instructor. PLEASE read the
course descriptions and requirements and enroll via our Learning
Center at: The course is open for
enrollment and will begin Sept. 1. Any questions, email

I look forward to interfacing with every student.
Phyllis Kramer, VP, Education

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