New JewishGen Course: Create Family History Pages #scandinavia

Phyllis Kramer

Do you have a lot of genealogical family material to share and want to
organize it into a set of images, but don't know how? Marlis Humphrey
will explain and demonstrate how to create image rich family history
pages for your family.

Students will learn how to layout, design, and edit a quality family
history page set for two ancestors,that can be broadened at a later
time. You will learn to include documents like census, naturalization
and photographs of your family, heirlooms and memorabilia .

Students will discover sources of digital resources (templates, fonts,
etc.) for formatting, and will walk through a project using Photoshop
Elements 10 for editing; students will learn how to format the pages
for printing using Shutterfly.

Class will feature multimedia including a series of short screencasts
with voice narration, powerpoint instructions and text notes for
reference. We will use the FORUM for questions and answers and we will
encourage students to post their digital pages (.jpg files) for review
and comment.

*Please* read the full course description and the software requirements
at; there are no set times for this
course as our students are >from around the world; enroll via our secure
online enrollment system.

Please address all questions to

Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education:
NYC and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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