Inquiry into Maternal Jewish lineage- Horeish/Hereish/Hereysh/Horeysh.... #scandinavia

JeanPierre Juliet <jeanpierre2308@...>

To all who can assist me,

I am >from Australia. I am 30 years of age.

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a Shanah Tovah!

I have been searching for my maternal great grandmother's family
records, migration paths, censuses and any relevant information on
the direct family tree.

My great grandmother was born approximately in the 1920s. I know
this much, that her parents moved to the Middle East at some
indefinite point in time and were forced to convert to the Shi'ite
sect of Islam.

This still baffles my mother and my grandmother to this day, since
we do not know why or when this occurred and what drove my great
grandmother's family to the Middle East in the first place!

I found that her family's name in various databases(Czech, Austria,
Romania, Germany, Israel) phonetically matches the following formats
since immigration officers/ record keepers were notorious in spelling
this surname: (please note: CH, KH & H sounds at the start of the
name are equivalent depending on which country transliterated the name)

I would like to firstly obtain information on the family history. I
am only aware that my maternal line come >from Jewish German/Bohemian/
Scandinavian and Iberian descent.

If there is anyone who can assist me to find the migration routes,
historical information, or any documentation, family trees etc. of my
maternal great grandmother's line, you would have literally solved my
family's long-lost puzzling history and my greatest appreciation
would be extended to you!

I hope to hear >from someone who can assist me!

Warmest Regards & Shalom,

JeanPierre Juliet
Sydney, Australia

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