(Sweden) Arkiv Digital Free Access to Arkiv Digital All-in-one November 11-12 #scandinavia

Jan Meisels Allen

ArkivDigital is offering free access to its ArkivDigital All-in-one -both
new users and users with base subscription get access to everything in their
database during the weekend, which includes religious records, estate
inventories, court records, tax/census records, military and other
historical records .

To be able to search their indexes you need to use their new software
ArkivDigital 2.0- the browser based version. To access it go to:
https://www.arkivdigital.net/products/adonline/try-for-free and follow the
directions. If you are not registered with ArkivDigital you will need to
register with an email address and password. There is a user guide
available for downloading on the website. It is recommended to use the
Chrome Browser. While other browsers work ( Firefox, Safari and Edge) some
features may not exist and have less functionality than if you use Chrome.

To read more about the weekend free access see their blog at:

If you think you might not have ancestors >from Sweden, there have been Jews
in Sweden since the early 1700's. albeit a small population. Sweden opened
its doors to Jews during WWII and again in 1956 when Jews were fleeing
Hungary and then again when fleeing Communists in 1968. According to the
Jewish Virtual Library the Jewish population increased tremendously between
1850 and 1920 due to immigration >from Russia and Poland. The population
reached nearly 6,500 in 1920. Small groups of German, Austrian, and Czech
Jews were allowed to immigrate to Sweden during the 1930's. Once the Nazi
brutalities were known Sweden opened its doors to Jews. In 1942, Sweden
allowed the immigration of 900 Norwegian Jews. In October 1943, Sweden gave
asylum to more than 8,000 Danish Jews, the whole Danish Jewish community,
which came to Sweden via small fishing boats. The Jewish population doubled

To learn more about their database go to:

I have no affiliation with ArkivDigital and am posting this solely for the
information of the readers.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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