Levie Jacob Meyer from Cophenhagen to Emden #scandinavia

Joelle Meyer <joelle.meyer24@...>

Dear all

I am looking for my ancestors named MEYER >from Emden. Thanks to the city of
Emden and a dear helper, I have found that the MEYER are coming from
Copenhagen. My great grandfather Philippe Uri Meyer and his father Levie
Jacob MEYER were the leader of the Jewish community in Emden.

I have no experience in Danish Jewish genealogy.

My ancestors >from Copenhagen name is Levie Jacob MEYER or Levi MEYER
probably born in 1804 whose wife Gertrude GOLDSCHMIDT, whose father is Jacob
Perhaps are the wife coming >from Copenhagen too.

Would any of you have information on my family ?

Also if anyone could just help tell me how I can know whether we refer to
death or Birth.
For example number 353 in the page below
or number 454
or number 12

I see each time 3 different dates and I am not sure about which one is the
date of the "event"
Also I am not sur to the see the name of the parents

Many thanks and best regards

Joelle Meyer >from Paris

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