Meyer WARBURG inquiry #scandinavia

Paul Rabin <paul.rabin@...>


This is my first post to the Scandinavia SIG list. I am seeking
information, not about my own family, but about Meyer WARBURG, who
lived in Berlin during the second half of the 18th century. Some facts
about him are documented: he was a friend of Moses Mendelssohn and a
financial supporter of the younger generation of Mendelssohn's followers,
including Isaak Euchel; he was the first leader of the Gesellschaft der
Freunde; he is variously reported as a banker, a factory owner, and an
art collector and dealer; he died in 1801. So far, no information about
his family ties or origin has turned up in German sources, and I am
investigating whether he might have come >from Denmark originally. He does
not appear on available genealogies of the Altona/Hamburg WARBURG family.

I don't know much about potential sources of information; as a first step,
if any list member has access to the 1933-1944 edition of the Dansk
Biografisk Leksikon, and could let me know whether it has any information
about Meyer WARBURG (in volume XXV, I think), I would be most grateful.

Best Regards,

Paul Rabin
Jamaica Plain, MA

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