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I am seeking information about Israel J. FINK, born in 1899 in Nowy
Sacz, Poland to Abraham FINK and Malke FINK (nee Sprei).

Israel J. FINK moved >from Poland to Leipzig, Germany on an unknown
date. He is believed to have lived in Leipzig until sometime after
1935, when he fled to Denmark.

It is unknown when he entered Denmark. As of 1942, he was living in
Jernbanegade 6A III, Copenhagen. He was among the Jews ferried from
Denmark to Sweden in October 1943. As of December 1943, he was living
at G1 Radstugagatan 5, Norrkoping, Sweden.

Later, he retuned to Copenhagen, where he lived until he died sometime
in the 1970's. It is unknown whether he ever applied for or acquired
Danish citizenship.

I am seeking information about Israel J. FINK's entry to/departure
from Denmark and Sweden, his immigration status, addresses,
employment, travel, personal or business associates, and his other
activities. I would also appreciate receiving advice about how and
where to search for such information myself.


Peter C. Sprung
Washington, D.C. USA
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