Book: Hachshara and Youth Aliyah Sweden 1933-1948 #scandinavia

Judith Diamond

The book 'Pa vag till Israel' was written by my uncle Emil Glu(e)ck who
was the prime mover of the Hachshara in Sweden, and
documentedtheassisted migration of Jewish youth >from Nazi Germany, the
planning and organization of their agricultural training, Jewish
education and continued migration to Palestine. It also described the
work to rehabilitate and reintegrate young Jewish survivors >from the
Polish and German concentration camps in the aftermath of thewar.  Emil
was able in later years to meet again some of the chalutzim and gives in
the book a short biography of a few of them.

The English translation 'Hachshara and Youth Aliyah in Sweden
1933-1948' has a full index of all names mentioned.
It was translated, edited and produced in In 2016 by a number of Emil's
family, for the benefit of the family, but we feel that the story, told
by those who were intimately involved, should have a wider audience. It
is now available at cost on-line >from a print-on-demand company or

Judith Diamond, London, UK

EPEL, GLUCK >from Leckava,Lithuania and WAINER >from Lithuania
GEDVICER >from Latvia
FINKLESTEIN >from Kaunas and St Petersburg
LECHNER and RATH >from Kolomyya and Cernauti/Czernowitz,
and HOROWITZ and HOLZER >from Krakow.

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