List Name Change #sephardic

Ruben Benmergui <rubenb@...>

Dear List members

As some of you know, after discussion and consultation, it has been
decided to re-name our List the Sephardic SIG.

It is felt that the new name more properly refers to the group rather
than "Sefard". According to our SIG Coordinator Jeff Malka, the word
Sefard is actually a word that means something else. If you find a
prayer book with the name Sefard on it, according to Jeff, it is not
Sephardic but Hassidic. The Ashkenazi Hassidim adopted some of the
Sephardic liturgy which they considered more authentic and called it
"Sefard" which creates confusion. He often gets an e-mail >from people
who find such a prayer book or reference and ask if that means their
ancestors were Sephardic - which it does not. It is a Yiddish word.

Thank you Jeff for this explanation.

Ruben Benmergui
Sephardic SIG

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