Perla #sephardic

Ninfa Medlicott <ninfa_m@...>

I have been in contact through the Jewishgen (which is
a wonderful web-site) with people with the surname
Perla who are of Ashkenazi ancestors, mainly from
Poland. Do you know of any Perlas who may be Sephardic
or even Conversos? My Perla ancestors came >from Spain
I think in the 1700's, first arrived in Cuba, then
went to Panama and finally El Salvador.

My great-great-grandfather's name was Francisco Perla
born about 1830, his daughter (my great-grandmother) was
Mercedes Perla brn 1868 in El Salvador and my
grandmother was Maria Magdalena Perla brn 1896 also in
El Salvador...I wish I had more records...and haven't
been very lucky finding any information in Cuba or
Panama. Can anybody help? Thank you so much for your

Ninfa Magdalena Perla Guerra
San Pedro Sula, Honduras


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