Sephardic Jews in Germany #sephardic

Cary Aufseeser <cary@...>

My family heritage is German Jewish, but we have an oral tradition of
Sephardic descent on both my father's and mother's side. I have been able to
trace one ancestral line back to Barcelona and Gerona, and that is my
BENVENISTE line. I wonder if there is any information on four other lines of
possible Sephardic origin that I am also trying to trace.

My ancestors >from this line, beginning with Moses SPANIER, came from
Stadthagen, Germany and settled in Hamburg in the 17th century. I don't know
where they came >from before they settled in Stadthagen.

I can trace this line to Reckendorf, Bavaria, before they settled in Hamburg
in the 19th century. The original Sephardic surname was LUPO or LUPE.

We have an oral tradition that these ancestors originally >from Spain,
traveled through Scotland and London before settling in Breslau, Silesia
(which was once in Prussia, and is now called Wroclaw, Poland).

This Cohen family supposedly of Sephardic origin, settled in the Franconia
area of Northern Bavaria.

Cary Aufseeser
Newton, MA

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