New Pinkas HaKehillot tables of contents #sephardic

Joyce Field

Last month I posted a message asking for volunteers to help with
transcribing the tables of contents of the Pinkas HaKehillot volumes
on Germany, Netherlands, and Libya/Tunisia online. Within 24 hours I
had received emails >from a sufficient number of volunteers to start
the project.

Shalom Bronstein went to Yad Vashem and scanned the pages in the
volumes and emailed the jpg images to me, which I forwarded to the

Angie Elfassi transcribed the Netherlands volume,

Anne Webber transcribed the Libya/Tunisia volume,

The three volumes on Germany were transcribed by four individuals:
Bavaria: Fritz Neubauer,
Hesse: Marsha Rapp,
Baden: Max Kahn and Peter Strauss, to be online soon.

My heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who helped on this project.
Their work is an inspiration to all of us. We now have the tables of
contents for all the Pinkasim volumes online, as well as many
translations >from each volume. The volumes are listed at, under the category
of Regions: Germany (3 volumes), Greece, Holland, Hungary, Latvia &
Estonia, Libya (also listed under Tunisia),Lithuania, Poland (8
volumes),Romania (2 volumes), Slovakia, Yugoslavia. All
translations are listed alphabetically at under Communities
or you can check the table of contents for each volume under Regions
for the highlighted town names.

Now, I have another request. Please study the tables of contents and
see if your ancestral town is listed. If it is, would you consider
either translating the article or donating the money to have the
article translated by a professional translator? If you can
translate >from the Hebrew and are offering to do a specific article,
please contact me privately. If you can donate the funds to
translate an article, please contact me so I can calculate the cost
for you. Either way I contact Yad Vashem to secure permission for
the translation to go online. That is a rapid process, usually
taking only a day or two.

I look forward to hearing >from you.

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

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