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Moses ben Maimon was called Maimonides, but neither Maimon nor
Maimonides was a family name. His father was Maimon. His son would
have been called Abraham (or whatever) ben Moses. There were no
surnames back then, and certainly little likelihood of tracing your
family back that far.
Dear group members,
To further add to clarity on the Maimon name: In the book "Jews of
Toledo" we find:

Maimon: no given( prenom) name.Document #90.
Maimon, Abrahem: Document # 582,1483.
Maimon, Cag (Sag): " 582.
Maimon, Jaco: " 1174.
Maimon, Mose : " 1054, 1174, 1408.
Maimon, Pedro Fernandez aben: # 735.
Maimon, Salamon: # 1054, 1174, 1244, 1408, 1416,
1482, 1509.
Maimon, Ysaque, # 892.
Maimon, Yucaf (Yusaf ) # 843, 845, 877, 892, 1174, 1408.
Maimon,,Yuda #1054

(Bens note: The province and city of Toledo were recaptured >from the
Moors in the mid 1050's.
I trace back the family surname Maimon to the 11th. century. One of the
documents carries the low number of #90 and the next #582 indicating that
these recorded transactions were early after Spanish reconquest.
Where two people or more have a same doc # it indicates it was between them.)

Source: "Judios de Toledo" 2 vol inventory of archive documents,in
Spanish. Edited by Pilar Leon Tello,Madrid 1979;

Questions and comments welcome.
Salud Y Shalom,
Ben Nahman

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