Yizkor Book Project-July 2007 report #sephardic

Joyce Field

For the month of July 2007, the Yizkor Book Project added four new
books, five new entries, and 10 updates. All translations can be
accessed at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html where
the new material has been flagged for easy identification.

-New books:

-Bohemia, Czech Republic: Die Juden und Judengemeinde Bohmens in
Vergangenheit und Gegenwart (The Jews and Jewish Communities of
Bohemia in the past and present)
-Sasov, Ukraine: Tmimei Derech (The Innocent Ones),
-Schindler, Stepping Stone to Life: A Reconstruction of the Schindler
Story, original and unpublished manuscript by Robin O'Neil:
-Zambrow, Poland: Sefer Zambrow; Zambrove (The Book of Zambrov),

-New entries:

-Dorohoi, Romania: Pinkas HaKehillot Romania, vol. 1
-Golonog, Poland: Sefer Sosnowiec v'hasviva b'Zaglembie (Sosnowiec
and the Surrounding Region in Zaglembie (Volume 1)
-Pinsk, Belarus: Pinkus HaKehillot Polin, vol. V
-Rawa Mazowiecka: Poland, Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. 1
-Vidukle, Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita


-Belz, Ukraine
-Bukowina: The History of the Jewish Worker Movement in Bukovina,
vol. 1, pp. 129-144
-Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
-Duetos, Lithuania
-Goworowo, Poland
-Jaslo, Poland
-Podgaytsy (Podhajce), Poland: the translation of this book is now complete
-Przemysl, Poland
-Rokiskis, Lithuania
-Svencionys, Lithuania

JewishGen wishes to thank all the donors, translators, and volunteers
who work with the Yizkor Book Project. Projects that depend on
donations of money for translation are listed at
We urge you to support these projects so that translations can

Please contact me privately if you want to start a new translation
project or donate for the translation of an article in the Pinkas

Joyce Field
JewishGen Vice President, Data Acquisition

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