IAJGS conference in Salt Lake City #sephardic

malkajef <malkajef@...>

I am delighted to inform the group that at the recent annual IAJGS
genealogy conference in Salt Lake City history was made. Our Mathilde
Tagger was awarded this year's Lifetime Achievement Award "in
recognition of her enormous contributions to the advancement of
Sephardic Jewish genealogy". Bravo Mathilde! A very deserved
recognition of something we have all known for a long time. This is the
first time the IAJGS has awarded this prize to a Sephardic researcher
and they could not have chosen a more deserving person. Her
contributions have been really enormous and we are all proud of her.

On the other hand, those who attended the conference were disappointed
by the little Sephardic content at the conference. Both Mathilde Tagger
and I were scheduled to give presentations at the conference but had to
cancel for medical and personal reasons. That left only one other
Sephardic presentation at the conference. I apologize for not being
able to attend but this underscores the importance of broader Sephardic
participation at these conferences. It is necessary for more of us to
take an active part and present our research and share our knowledge.
The small amount of Sephardic content at these conferences is not the
fault of the conference organizers. If Sephardic researchers do not
propose presentations they are willing to give, the organizers have very
few to chose >from for the program.

Jeff Malka

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