Re: Disappointment at the recent IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City #sephardic

A & B Algaze <Algaze@...>

I recently posted a message to this forum regarding my disappointment at the
lack of Sephardic content at the recent IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City.
In response to my posting, it has been pointed out to me that there are only
a few Sephardic researchers who seem to carry the whole burden of
leadership. The same names appear over and over in our SIG forum and on the
conference list of speakers.

Perhaps others of us should "step up to the plate" and think about giving
back to the Sephardic community. Each of us has knowledge of our own area
of research and surely we can help others with their research in our own
area of speciality. As a suggestion, we might ask new SIG members to
identify themselves and the areas in which they need help and perhaps some
of us who have knowledge of that area, could make suggestions as to where to

Something to think about.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

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