Sephardic DNA -- new book "Abraham's Children" #sephardic

Jon Entine <runjonrun@...>

Hello. I'm the author of a new book on genetic anthropology/genetic
genealogy: "Abraham's Children: Race, Identity and the DNA of the Chosen
People". Those interested in using DNA to trace your own identity or
exploring the history of the Israelites, genetically and culturally, and
their impact on modern society might find this book of interest (or not!).

I believe you may find the sections on Sephardic history/genealogy/DNA of
interest. I discuss the "Ornament of History" in some detail and why
Sephardic Jewry was so well respected in Christian Europe for so many
centuries while Ashkenazi Jewry was not.

As for Abraham's Children, it's received fascinating reviews and
commentaries. Kirkus Reviews called it: "An epic tale of 'The Chosen
People'....Engaging and informative reading for Jews and non-Jews alike."
Another reviewer compared it (very favorably) to Jared Diamond's "Guns,
Germs and Steel," which won a Pulitzer Prize. I've posted reviews and
commentaries (>from Washington Post, Slate, National Review, Ha'aretz, etc.),
as well as background on me and my speaking schedule, at the website for the
book: It also includes biographical
information on me, details of where I'm speaking, etc. If you have any
questions, would like to start a public or private dialogue, or even find
mistakes in the book that you'd be willing to share with me, please do so.

For those of you who believe this post is inappropriately "commercial," I
apologize. Yes, I would love for sales to be good, but the realistic fact is
that I won't make a penny of any sales, as I don't earn anything on the book
until my advance is met, and I can safely say that's not likely to happen.
But I do believe establishing a dialogue on the critical issues of human
bio-diversity are critical, and that's what the book is devoted to bringing
about. I believe I succeeded in doing just that in Taboo. Whether I have
succeeded in this book in that quest, you will have to be the judge.


Jon Entine
Cincinnati, Ohio

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the one-time permitted sales mention of a new book
of genealogical interest.

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