The Vienna Turkish (Sephardic) Community- Birth Register is online! #sephardic

Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Dear all,

I am very pleased to tell you that the Birth Register of the Vienna Turkish
(Sephardic) Community has been completely indexed and is now online.

The data includes: 1. The register page & register row number; 2. The birth
dates; 3. The Newborns surname and given names; 4. The sex of the Newborn,
5. One child birth or twins, 6. The surnames and given names of the fathers
and the mothers, 7. The birth dates and places of the mothers' 8. The
midwives' full names and the mohalim (circumciser)full names.

1440 newborns for the years 1832-1938. A total of nearly 4,750 persons!

Many Sephardic surnames found in Vienna Turkish Community had their origins
in the Ottoman Empire territories, but especially in Serbia, Bulgaria and

A part of the Community members were of Ashkenazim..

The searchable database is located at:

Finally I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Jeffrey Malka who took on
himself to scan the register for me. After it was indexed he created a
search engine (thanks to Steve Morse) and added this database to the others
found on his own website:

Very soon the Marriage register of the Turkish Community of Vienna will be
online. I will inform you in time.


Mathilde A. Tagger
Sephardim SIG Coordinator
Israel Genealogical Society

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