Re: surname BURROS or BURRIS #sephardic

Judy Simon

Amy, it is possible that your paternal ancestors were Sephardic Jews
who fled the Inquisition, eventually migrating to Eastern Europe. We
now know through both historic research and DNA testing that there are
many Ashkenazi Jews with Sephardic roots; most of them have lost
their Sephardic customs and were absorbed into the Ashkenazi culture.
Some have kept their Sephardic surnames, while others adopted new
names in Eastern Europe. I administer a DNA project with Schelly
Talalay Dardashti for Ashkenazi males with some indication that their
paternal ancestors were Sephardim. Such indicators may include an oral
Sephardic history, an Iberian surname, a Sephardic custom or a
Mediterranean genetic disease. We currently have about 75 Ashkenazi
Jews with indicators of Sephardic roots in the project. There is
strong DNA support of a Sephardic paternal ancestry for approximately
40% of the group, and for another 50% DNA results show a possibility
of Sephardic ancestry.

At this time, our project is only able to include males, since the
type of DNA used is Y-DNA which is passed down >from father to son
relatively unchanged each generation (women don't carry Y-DNA). This
is the same male-to-male line that the surname is passed down from
generation to generation. If you have a brother, father, or paternal
uncle with the surname BURROS or BURRIS who could have his DNA tested,
you would be able to see if he matches known Sephardim, conversos or
other Ashkenazi males with an oral Sephardic history.

The name of our project is the Iberian Ashkenaz Y-DNA project, also
known as EEIJH (Eastern European Iberian Jewish Heritage). The DNA
testing company where our project is housed is Family Tree DNA.
Please explore our project website at
where you can click on any of the links to learn more about the
project. To learn more about genetic genealogy, you can go the Family
Tree DNA home page

Please contact me privately if you would like more information about
DNA testing for genealogical purposes or joining your male relative to
the project.

Judy Simon
Stony Brook, NY
administrator, Iberian Ashkenaz Y-DNA project

CHOJNA >from Lodz area, Poland

The BURROS/BURRIS family came >from Vilna. I have checked the Ashkenazi
surname book, but cannot find the name. Could Burros be a Spanish name?
The family immigrated >from Vilna in the late 1800s. We are not
Sephardic in customs, but I am wondering if the family has Sephardic
roots after all.
Amy Beth Bentley
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