Re: Need help with Jewish ancestors from Spain and/or Portugal #sephardic



This note is in regard to the message entitled "Need help with
Jewish ancestors >from Spain and/or Portugal". I have been doing
research on my MAYO / De MAYO family who lived on the Island of
Rhodes for about 400 years until the early 1900s. Although I
have no absolute proof, I believe that the family may have been
from Navarra, Spain. Your MAY / MAI family may be spelling
variations of MAYO. One branch of my MAYO family has ancestry >from
Germany prior to the mid 1500s (surname: ALAMAN / ALMANE). This
family lived in Buda, Hungary, in the mid 1500s, and later, most
of the family had moved to Turkey. I have a MAYO Y DNA surname
project. This may be able to give you some more insights on the
origin of your MAY / MAI family. For more information, you may
contact me at the e-mail address below.


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