Prostejov Shoah victims online #austria-czech

Joseph Lonstein

Hi all,

The list of Jewish Shoah victims >from Prostejov (Prossnitz), CZR is now
online on JewishGen's Holocaust Database. I transcribed the names >from
photos I took last summer of the memorial plaques in the Jewish cemetery
there, and later received some transcription assistance >from Maud Beer
(thanks again, Maud). Unfortuantely, I don't see a way on the website for
one to view the entire list, but you can enter specific surnames on the main
Database webpage. Even typing "Prostejov" as a town or Global Text search
does NOT result in this part of the larger JG Holocaust Database appearing.
There was little information on the plaques - names but no birthdates. I
believe that most of them were deported >from Olomouc, and I suppose one
could verify birthdates >from the Terezin deportation lists book (Terezinska
Pametni Kniha).

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

Searching: GRUNHUT, KOCH - Prostejov, CZR (among others)

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