Etsi, Sephardi Genealogical and Historical review, issue 47 #sephardic

Philip Abensur <laurphil@...>

Issue 47 of Etsi, the Sephardi Historical and Genealocal Review has just
been sent to the subscribers.
This is the last issue to be published, closing a 12 years long publication.
Most previous issues remain available at special discount prices.
This issue includes a list of 552 graduates of the Alliance Israelite
Universelle school of Tetuan (Morocco) between 1862 and 1879. The Alliance
school of Tetuan was the first one to be opened, in 1862. The list gives,
for each pupil, the first name, last name, occupation and place of residence
in 1879. It is an invaluable source of information about the Jewish names of
Tetuan as well as about the important emigration of the Jews of Tetuan in
the second half of the 19th century, especially to Algeria, Spain or Brazil.
For instance, the most frequent last names found are Levy (20 pupils), Cohen
(18), Bentolila, Hatchuel (14), Benarrosh/Benarroche, Benzaquen, Israel
(13), Acriche/Hacriche (12), Coriat, Nahon (11), Benchimol and Bentata (10).
Two other articles point out websites giving information about the Jewish
cemeteries of Tangier (Morocco) and Algier (Algeria).
As usual, all the articles are summarized in English and in Judeo-Spanish.

Philip Abensur (Paris, France)

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