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Hi Michael,
You wrote:
Has anyone had success in performing research in the Greek Municipal
Archives? I am specifically interested in the Municipal archives of

Furthermore, does anyone have anyone to contact in Greece who might be
able to look into the archives in case I hear no response >from the
I have not any knowledge about the availability of archives in Greece,
nevertheless I remember few years ago, I was told that the Mormons have
microfilmed vital data in Greece and, of course, they are handwritten in

There is a comprehensive book (in Greek)on Larissa Jewish Community written
by Ezdras Moissis. Pieces of it have been translayed into English and are
on the web. In order to find them, go to Google and write: Larissa Jews.

You should also contact the Association of Jews of Greece (US) at:,. Its president, a Greek speaker, may help

Good luck,
Mathilde Tagger
Sephardim SIG Coordinator
Israel Genealogical Society

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