2012 IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award #sephardic


Dear all,

I am delighted to congratulate my friend, Dr. Jeff Malka, for the 2012
IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award he received last night at the Paris

Jeff Malka, is a pioneer in the field of Sephardic genealogy. Already
in the early nineties and under his own initiative, Jeff gave the
Sephardic community a modern tool to research its roots: a website
dedicated to Sephardic genealogy with free access to anyone.
www.sephardicgen.com. He is the author of Sephardic Genealogy:
Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and their World (Avoyaunu, 2002)
that won the AJL Best Reference Book of the Year Award for 2002. This
book has become a classic in the field and an enlarged second edition
was published in 2009.

Bravo, Jeff !

Mathilde Tagger

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