SONCINO Izmir -Seeking descendants and extended family #sephardic

Leah and Eli Teicher

Dear Genners,
My maternal great great mother was ???? SONCINO/Sonchino (born around 1830)
from Izmir, Turkey.
She married my great great grandfather Isaac SIDI. Both had children
among them was my great grandfather David Sidi who married Estrea BEN GHIAT.
They had 4 sons: Avraham, Moshe, Yossef, Dr.Isaac (my grandfather born 1880)
and a daughter Judith.

I am seeking for years the *private* name of Mrs. Soncino who married my great
great grandfather and her extended family. She and her family had a Firman
(Rights) for life >from the Ottoman's Sultans for helping them conquering
Budapest. Her family ancestors and descendants were books publishers for
years origin >from Italy and before - Germany.
Please answer to my e-mail
Leah Teicher

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