Istanbul - Ulus (Arnavutkoy) Cemetery #sephardic

Daniel Kazez <danielkazez@...>

My grandparents were buried in the Ulus (Arnavutkoy) Cemetery.

In handwritten descriptions of burials, I see this:


and this:


Does anyone know the meanings of these words?

Daniel Kazez
Springfield, Ohio USA

P.S. Other information listed in handwritten Ulus (Arnavutkoy)
Cemetery burial/plot descriptions:

A letter (such as A, C, R, K, P) and numbers.
E.A and numbers. (E.A stands for Eski Ada = Old Isle.)
Y.M usually followed by ucuncu or ucu. (Y.M stands for Yeni Mahhle
= new quarter; ucuncu = third.)
Y.Ada. (Y.ada stands for Yeni ada = new block.)
Location descriptions words, such as:
-- on = in-front-of
-- arasi = between
-- sag duvar dibi = right-wall-end or bottom-right-wall

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