Sephardim on Tenerife, Canary Islands: Acosta, Azevedo, Dias, Carballo, etc.etc. #sephardic

Tom Diaz <tomdiaz2010@...>

I now have a detailed and documented family tree tracing my Adan y
Diaz lineage on Tenerife, Canary Islands, back to the mid-to-late 17th
century (1600s). (It's posted on

These family lines all cluster around the town of Garachico, which
until the early 18th century and a volcanic eruption was a major port
connecting Amsterdam, London, the "New World," Portugal, and mainland

There are many "classic" Sephardic names in this tree, and, given the
history of Garachico (founded in 1500 by an Italian Jew named da
Ponte), and other historical evidence, I have no doubt that these
early ancestors were Sephardim, probably Portuguese (the spellings
change to final "s" instead of "z" the further back you go.)

What I do not have are explicit connections to other families in
places in the Sephardic Diaspora, especially those who returned to or
never left Judaism. All the current family on Tenerife firmly believe
that they have been "Catholics or atheists" forever.

In short, I am looking for any explicit Sephardic links elsewhere
specifically >from Tenerife to any of the following family names:

Acosta, Adan, Alegria, Alfonso, Arana, Avila (or de Avila), Barrios,
Borgues, Campina(o), Carballo, Cruz (de la Cruz), Davila, Dias(z),
Dominguez, Espinosa, Fernandes(z), Figueroa, Fuente(s), Gonzalez,
Guerra, Hanaya (or Hanayca?), Hernandez, Jorge (Jorxe?), Juliana, Leon
(de Leon), Lorenzo, Manuel, Martin, Mensia, Nieves (de las Nieves),
Ortiz, Peres, Reyes (de los Reyes), Rodrigues(z), Rolo, Ruis, Sanchez,
Timudo (or Thimudo), Toledo, Yllana.

I have already checked these names against a number of Sephardic names
sources, so I know that almost all are on one or another of those
lists, most multiple. What I am looking for are specific or close
family connections.

Thanks for any help.

Tom Diaz (Adan)

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