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Logan J. Kleinwaks


Thanks very much for your introduction. Your ancestor R' Meir POSENER's
signature appears on a pinkas of the synagogue of Langfuhr (1775-1860) that
was sold at Sotheby's about a year ago. I will be investigating this item,
since it probably has genealogical content. Stay tuned. The translated
title of the item, as it appears in the auction catalog, is "MAIN RECORD

Note that this is the only pinkas >from Danzig in private hands that I am
aware of (the rest that I know to exist being kept at the Central Archives
for the History of the Jewish People -- see the Resources section of our
website If anyone knows of others,
please contact me.

Also, we will be soliciting articles about the rabbis of Danzig for our
website. If you wish to contribute material, please contact me.

Is it known that R' Meir POSENER died in the Danzig area, or precisely
where he was buried? Perhaps, he is listed in the cemetery register of
Altschottland that survives at CAHJP. See our Resources section for

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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I am happy to see this new SIG. That said, my only known connection
to Danzig / Alt Schottland is my great great great great grandfather R.
Meir POSENER (ca.1735-1807), author of "Bet Meir". He was rabbi in
Danzig for the last 21 years of his life. I would be interested in
coming into contact with other descendants of the Bet Meir.

And, if any one can shed a clue on why his death date is uncertain,
that would be most welcome. Various sources either give his death date
as 25 Schewat 5563 (17 Feb 1803) or as 25 Schewat 5567 (3 Feb 1807).

Greetings to all other Danzig SIG participants.

(I am an experienced researcher of Jewish genealogy, with particular
emphasis on Silesia and Posen.)

Stephen FALK
Wayne, PA, USA

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