Re: Did my aunt lived in Danzig? #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Dear Orna,

Several business directories covering Danzig >from the time when your aunt
might have lived there are available online. You can search them at Please read the FAQ there for instructions of how to
view online images >from the directories, once you have performed a search
and know what images to check for your search term (e.g., Solewicz). Note
that it is not possible, currently, to restrict the searches only to the
Danzig portions of the directories, but I hope to add this feature in the
near future.

Please also see the Resources section of our website,, for links to lists of microfilms available from
the Family History Library (Mormons). If your cousin was born in Danzig, it
is possible his birth record could be on one of the microfilms. We may
organize projects to extract information >from these microfilms, so please
stay tuned.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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My father & his brothers was born in Bedzin / Poland between 1903-1913.
They moved to Miechow on 1918.
My father and one of his brother came to Israel 1934-1935, leaving their
parents and family, most of them were murdered in the Holocaust.
My father was so deeply sad and only told us that he had a sister name Roza
nee SZWAJCER born about 1903-1904, married to Ber SOLEWICZ having a young
child named Heneick.
During my research I heard that his sister and her new family lived in

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