post-Ottoman business directories with wide coverage now searchable #sephardic

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Seven business directories >from 1924-1948 that largely continue an
Ottoman-era series, Annuaire Oriental, are now searchable at . Geographic coverage varies by year and
may include any of the following: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt,
Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Romania, Syria, Turkey, Yugoslavia,
and, to a much lesser extent, other European countries and the U.S.
These directories, as well as thirteen Ottoman directories added
earlier, and 1800+ other sources will be searched simultaneously with
the default search options. To see results >from these directories and
other recent additions first, change the "Regular Sort" option below
the search box to "New Matches First." Search results link directly
to scans of the corresponding pages on the website of SALT Research,

To browse the directories, instead of searching, visit the links
listed under "Multinational," near the beginning of . That list of links also
shows the geographic coverage of each directory.

Thanks to Rose Feldman for alerting me to the existence of these
directories on the SALT Research website.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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