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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Dear SIG members,

I am excited to announce that we are ready to begin our first project,
translation of two articles >from German to English (with a small amount
from Hebrew to English). For details, please read this message and see the
Projects section of our website (www.jewishgen.org/danzig), where updates
will be posted as available. If you would like to volunteer, please contact

Title: Translation of "Der Geschichte der Juden in Danzig" (1857) and "Aus
Danzig" (1808)

Volunteers Needed: Project Coordinator, Translators >from German to English,
Translator >from Hebrew to English

All volunteers must sign a JewishGen Volunteer Agreement
(http://www.jewishgen.org/jewishgen/agree/volunteer.html) in order to
participate, be familiar with Microsoft Word, and be able to work >from .PDF
images. The Project Coordinator should have an excellent command of German
and English, to be able to judge the strengths of translators and organize
the translations accordingly.

Translations of two articles >from primarily German to English (and short
sections >from Hebrew to English): "Der Geschichte der Juden in Danzig," by
Dr. Abraham Stein, >from Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des
Judentums, year 6 (1857), Nr. 6,7,9,11, 42 pages, and "Aus Danzig," by
Anonymous?, >from Sulamith, year 2 (1808), Nr. 1, 16 pages.

Dr. Abraham Stein was the first liberal rabbi in Danzig (Altschottland), and
this article of his may be the first published history of Danzig Jewry.
Sulamith was the first German-language magazine directed to Jews.

These articles will be available as .PDF files to the Project Coordinator
and translators. Translations will appear on the SIG website.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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