Re: Jewish immigrant from Istanbul named Vittali #sephardic

Barbara Algaze

I would like to clarify the details of my previous post. My husband's
grandfather came to the U.S. under the surname of ALGAZE.
It was the spelling of his first name that I was inquiring about.

In the U.S. his first name was Victor. On the passenger manifest, his
first name was Vittali. Which led me to inquire as to whether he might have
been a member of the Italian Synagogue in Istanbul, since Vittali sounds
like an Italian given name.

Thank you to those who have already responded. I have heard >from members of
the SIG whose families had the *surname* of VITTALI. There was no discrepancy
with my husband's Grandfather's surname.

Thank you,

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

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My husband's grandfather was named Victor; his Hebrew name was Chaim. He is
listed on every U.S. document I have found as Victor (census records, draft
records, city directories, marriage record, birth of his children,
naturalization and death). Only on his 1909 passenger record, sailing from
Patras, Greece, he is listed as Vittali. When I questioned whether this
Vittali could be his grandfather, my husband responded, "Of course, that is
what Grandma called him when she was angry at him."

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