Thank you for your help #sephardic

Miriam Deutscher <miriamd1@...>

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to
try and help me. People googled for me in languages I don't speak/
understand, taught me a bit about Ladino and made recommendations of who or
what sites may be able to help me further. One person sent me a link to the
Ladino book discussed in the paper, people made (very!) educated guesses as
to how the name may be spelled, and someone managed to find more information
about the story in Hebrew. Here's the link for those who read Hebrew:
[or --Mod.]

BTW, for those who wanted to know, I am translating an academic paper that
has not yet been published, so you won't find it yet. Hopefully soon.

Thank you again for all your chessed, I think I have enough information now.

Miriam Deutscher

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