Re: Inquiry about Benjamin Disraeli's grandmother, Sarah Siprut de Gabay (1742-1825) #sephardic

Enzo Falco

Tim Franks wrote:

"...I have a direct antecedent who shares her name...Joseph Siprut de
Gabay...In 1736 Joseph married Ester Orobio Furtado (b. Lisbon 1708)
in Amsterdam."

I have Disraelis grandfather, Benjamin D'Israeli (1730, Cento Ferrara -
1818, England}, first marrying Rebecca Mendez Furtado (? - 1795) having
a daughter Rachel (1757, London - 1807).

Benjamin then married Sarah Siprut (Seyproot) De Gabay. Their grandchild
Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881) became the Earl of Beaconsfield and the
Prime Minister of Britain.

I have additional descendants of Furtado and De Gabay but not any

I may be related to the last Benjamin through his mother Maria (Miriam)
Basevi (1775 - 1871) because she shares the same last name as my 4gmother
Anna Basevi (1757, Verona - 1841)

Enzo Falco
Belmont, Massachusetts

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