Are Tsentsiper/Zenziper/Sensibar out of Belarus of Sephardic ancestry? #sephardic



I'm trying to establish whether my family has Sephardic ancestry. We always
took it for granted that we were Sephardi, but now I want to establish
whether or not we are. The family tree I have been able to construct for my
family goes back only to the 1840s, and I'm trying to trace connections to
some known-to-be Sephardic names.

My grandfather's surname was Sensibar. My great-grandparents parents (before
immigrating to the USA about 1902) were Mandel Zenziper and Hinda Zenziper
(born Diskin (sp?)), and came >from Asvyeya , Belarus. And my
great-great-grandparents apparently were Hayim Tsentsiper and Sara
Tsentsiper (born Mushin (sp?)) of Osvia, Belarus. And I have found
indications that the Tsentsiper family may have come to Belarus >from Latvia

Is there a known Sephardi dispersion into Latvia and Belarus that reaches
any families with surnames that come phonetically close to

Please direct responses to me personally, and I'll post a summary to the

Thank you very much!

Joshua Glasser

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