using DNA to establish Jewish ancestry #sephardic

Patricia <patricia77@...>

Good morning,
I took a DNA test through Family Tree DNA, MTDNA to be exact, and
discovered that I was of Sephardic Jewish heritage. I brought my information
to a well-known Rabbi in Pennsylvania who wrote a letter for me, but this
was denied by Nefesh B'Nefesh for Aliyah. Apparently Israel does not accept
this type of testing as legitment proof even though they use DNA to
establish the Kohanim line. Could you please clarify the difference. I want
to claim my heritage, but have faced many obstacles along the way. I am
currently a subscriber to your newsletter and have read numerous articles,
and have even sought out a Jewish Genealogist who, at that time, was not a
significant help; and now, I am no further along than I was ten years ago as
all of my family are deceased with the exception of a younger sibling who
claims to have known this all of his life. Any advice or guidance you could
give would be greatly appreciated.
Patricia Landry

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