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Dear list members,

This family story has a part that took place in Danzig.

Mauryc SOKOLOWER was a brother (among several brothers and sisters) to my
late grandfather, Abraham SOKOLOWER, who I am named after.

The information about Mauryc is partial: he probably was born in
Zielun/Poland as all his siblings were (but there were no hits for a search
under his name in JRI-Poland database), moved at unknown time to Danzig,
graduated >from Engineering department in Gdansk University ~1930, married to
his wife which I do not remember her name, but know that she was a GOLDBERG,
daughter of Yechezkel, and they had at least one known child: a son named

Mauryc was a high rank officer, a General, in the Red Army and was even
granted several Medals and Orders among them the Hero of the Soviet Union.
At a certain time he relocated with his family in Tallinn, Estonia. However
he was not listed in the book: Jewish Generals in the Armed Forces of the
Soviet Union (published in Hebrew, written by General, Prof. Svardlov).

Mauryc disappeared/executed in what was known as "Stalin Clearances".

Mauryc's wife, son and grandson made Aliyah to Israel in the 1970's. They
settled in Arad, the old woman died, the father and his son later moved to
Jerusalem and about 10 years ago Alexander left to the USA. We lost contact
with them.

That sums more or less the information I can recall about Mauryc SOKOLOWER.

I am searching for further pieces of information about him or his son,

Any help would very much be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind Regards,

Avraham (Avi) AYALON
Tel Aviv, Israel
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