Death Certificates & Press, Asherson, Coplans, Kirsch #southafrica

Sally Morton <sa.morton@...>

Please can someone give me instructions for myself >from the UK or for
relatives that I have contact with in South Africa as to exactly how to
obtain death certificates in the easiest manner. Can this be done
personally? Are there researchers out there as in the UK that I could

This is because, >from family records, I have the exact dates of death for my
gt-gt-grandparents Nehemiah (27 Sep 1896) and Ulrica (21 Oct 1898) PRESS who
emigrated to South Africa (probably Cape Town) probably in the early 1890s
from Canterbury, Kent England after arriving in London >from Jonava,
Lithuania probably in the mid 1870s.

I would like to contact anyone with knowledge of PRESS families that could
link with the above couple and their sons Hyman, of whom I know nothing, and
Koppel who went to Johanessburg.

I am also interested in their daughter Rebecca PRESS (1876 Russia - 1918
Calvinia) who emigrated >from England and married 1893 in Cape Town to Isaac
ASHERSON (b. Kovno Lithuania). I know a fair amount about them and their
descendants but would welcome more and connections.

Similarly Nehemiah's granddaughter Leah Bertha COPLANS (1877 London-1961
Cape Town) who married 1899 in Cape Town to Isadore KIRSCH a Tailor (b.
Poland d. 1944). They were joined by several COPLANS relatives >from England
some of whose families I have lost touch with and would like to find.

Sally Morton Sevenoaks, Kent UK

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