JewishGen Launches the AuctionHouse! #southafrica

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

to the Southern Africa group

Back in October, when JewishGen released its first
OctoberFACTS...(which indicated a very poor showing of those who use
JewishGen vs. those who support it financially), we received a number of
wonderful ideas on how we can generate the revenue so desperately needed in
order to continue providing the Jewish community worldwide with information
of interest to those researching their family histories.

Back then, many of you came through with financial support, via but once
again it was a short lived phenomena. Along with the financial support
many of you took the time to suggest activities that showed potential as
revenue streams. One of those suggestions hit the bullseye provided
an ongoing means of raising some funds, did it in a fun way, and could
indeed be a treasure trove for the participants. We turned the project
over to our Assistant Webmaster, John Berman and after several months of
work, and re-working we are announcing it today.

With spring cleaning time amongst us, JewishGen has come up with an Auction
with a difference! Ours is an auction where there are buyers but no
sellers! Instead of sellers we are inviting you to become donors....

Think about it... if every one of the 35,000 who have a listing in the
JGFF, the 15,000 of you who participate in the mailing lists hosted by this
organization made a donation of just one item (clothing, office supplies,
books, collectibles, etc..).... many projects and services JewishGen has
had to put "on hold" today, could possibly become a reality tomorrow!!

Our auction site is also something we feel could be a fun and exciting way
to facilitate the following:

1. clean out attics, basements, closets and drawers
2. acquire more stuff to fill attics, basements, closets and drawers
3. provide a forum for commercial companies to have visibility by donating
their products or services
4. share in a cooperative way to support JewishGen painlessly, and have a
great time doing it

So, with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts, we are
today Introducing JewishGen's AuctionHouse

Here's how it will work:

Anyone with an item of interest, be it a stamp collection, camera,
electronic equipment, clothing, household articles, office equipment,
etc....etc....etc.. Anyone with anything at all that is saleable,
donates it to JewishGen and we sell it through the JewishGen AuctionHouse
Program. Whoever buys the item, pays for it through JewishGen's secure
credit card system or mails us a check/cheque.

JewishGen uses the money to support all the programs and projects we offer
and to enable the addition of new ones to the roster; the donor gets the
tax write-off; the buyer gets the item after buyer and donor arrange for
shipment to the buyer.... The donor, the buyer, and JewishGen all benefit....

So folks, take a look around your house, your yard, your apartment, your
office.... Check out what's sitting around that is still usable, but you
can't remember the last time you used or wore it <grin> Consider donating
it to a very worthy cause.... the continued financial support of JewishGen.

To become a donor, or a buyer, you need to register come on
down....<grin> The door is open....the auction is waiting...

Help us launch the JewishGen AuctionHouse!

List some items now!

Bookmark this URL and come back often!

Bid on on things you can't resist! <grin>

Let's have some FUN folks.... while we all support JewishGen!


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